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Flash Mob

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll dance. You’ll die! Home from graduate school for Christmas, Tommasina “Tommy” Pastor is filled with the holiday spirit—of dread. The thought of quality time with her overbearing and mob-connected North Jersey family drives Tommy to seek escape in Montclair’s New Year’s Eve Flash Mob, organized by Scotty, a local schoolteacher. Tommy’s grandfather, an aging mob legend, has something very incriminating to him sitting in a safety deposit box in the Montclair town center bank, to be opened by the FBI when the new year starts. While Scotty’s two best friends try to prevent him from screwing up yet another romance, Tommy’s brother concocts a scheme to use the flash mob as a diversion to protect the family secret. As the countdown to the New Year begins, everyone is in for a hilarious and romantic adventure where the only thing for certain is that family will always be there for you—like it or not.

Available on in print and for kindle

 Cruise Mob




and a Midnight Buffet!

The Pastor family from Flash Mob is back for another adventure!  When Tomasso “The Wolf” Pastor, retired fixer for a major New Jersey organized crime syndicate, decides to take a cruise you can expect rough seas.  A sudden change of plans result in his grandson Elmo being on board as well.  It’s all hands on deck, when Elmo stumbles into a scheme involving stolen art.  With the help of friends old and new, Grandpa and the family will go to any lengths to protect their own.


Available on in print and for kindle

 Campus Mob




The Pastor Family from Flash Mob and Cruise Mob is going back to college. As family and friends gather at the Jersey Shore for a special occasion, learn the incredible story of how Robert and Ramona meet, and follow them as they dive into the world of mainframe computing to help his father, Tommaso “The Wolf,” out of yet another jam. Meet are new friends and join in new adventures as the Pastors relive the 1970s, family style.

Available on in print and for kindle

 The Day I Dressed Better Than My Wife

 You’ll laugh out loud at this collection of essays, plays, and short stories.

Bob Gets Cast Out of Hell – Strange Jew in a Strange Land – Slur Wars – Why I Can’t Run for President – Miracle Bra – Pumpkin Time – Tyrone was Right

Available on in print and for kindle


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